Cellular Data Solutions

4G Backup

Wireless backup solutions from Verizon with 4G LTE give your business communications network an immediate, cost-effective, alternate connection in the event that your primary voice or data network connection is lost.

4G Extenders

Placed on the roof of your business, the 4G LTE Network Extender is an extension of the mobile network and acts like a miniature tower to enhance your indoor service.

Mobile Twinning

Mobile Twinning pairs your mobile with your office extension. When your desk phone rings, your mobile does too.

Wireless Backup Router Solutions

Our Wireless Backup Routers enable you to keep working without interruptions when primary network connections aren't available. These simple, easy-to-deploy, cost-effective solutions ensure your business stays up and running through it all, which is great for customers and your bottom line.
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Extend Your Network's Reach

Reliable network connections are vital for today's businesses. A strong signal allows your employees to get real-time information and communicate more effectively with customers and colleagues. TDNYC is committed to keeping your business connected with our Industrial Grade Network Extenders for Business which amplifies and enhances your in-building network signal and your employees' productivity.


Redefine the Desktop for Your Mobile Workforce

Using personal smartphones and tablets for business (known as “Bring Your Own Device”) is practiced almost everywhere today. From small businesses to the largest global enterprises, many employees rely on their own mobile devices to stay connected, productive, and efficient while working.

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