October 4, 2016

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions come with a variety of different special features for your benefit.

Depending on your provider and your business’s needs, certain features will be better for you than others.

1. Entry Buzzer Integration

If your business currently uses a door buzzer entry system to screen visitors, you can connect your VoIP solution for easy unlocking capabilities. This enhances the security of your business and maximizes efficiency.

2. Call Routing

For businesses with bring your own device (BYOB) integration, find me/follow me call routing features can allow employees to create a list of numbers for reaching them before connecting to voicemail. This allows employees greater location flexibility and minimizes the amount of missed calls.

3. Voicemail to Email

One of the most popular VoIP features available is voicemail to email. This feature sends voicemails directly to your email inbox, converting the audio to text so you don’t have to pull out a pad and paper to scribble down contact information. It also grants you access to your voicemail box through your preferred email address.

4. On-Hold Music

If you frequently have to put callers on hold during business transactions, the on-hold music features of VoIP is ideal. Instead of only having elevator music for your customers, you have the freedom to choose what they hear.

5. Detailed Data Reports

Your VoIP system isn’t complete without inbound and outbound call detail reports. Data tracking is a vital part of good business, giving you information you can use to optimize business.

6. Call Screening

This feature allows you to look at a number via caller ID and choose if you want to answer, redirect the call to a cell phone, or direct the call to voicemail. You can also disconnect unwelcome callers.

7. Coaching Tools

A great training tool for new team members is the coaching tool VoIP solutions offers. You can listen to a conversation between an employee and client without interrupting, and you have the choice to alert them to your presence or not. You can also provide advice and tips to employees over the phone without the client hearing you.

8. Auto Attendant

A popular option for businesses that can benefit from an automated menu, this feature allows your customers to interact with a menu and choose their own extension, rather than being connected to a receptionist.

9. Conferencing

Online conferencing can get confusing, fast. With special VoIP conferencing features, you can set up a conference floor monitor that allows you to manage invitations, mute individuals, and control virtual “hand raises.”

10. Do Not Disturb

You can turn this feature on to temporarily stop or redirect VoIP calls while you’re busy or on the other line. This feature is incredible helpful during lunchtime, important meetings, or conference calls.

Talk to your VoIP service provider to find out which special features they offer, and consider which ones will benefit your business the most.

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