June 22, 2016

Hosted VoIP has entered the scene as an ideal communications solution for businesses.

Old phone systems with complex boxes and wires are being replaced by a much more flexible and user-friendly system.

While hosted VoIP has made a huge splash in both large and small companies, businesses are still unaware of the multitude of benefits it provides:

  • Inherent power and agility span the entirety of this solution—top to bottom.
  • Outsourced system management allows for less time and money spent on IT support.
  • High-functionality delivers the best tech so you can get things done quickly and efficiently.

In a two-part series, we’ll explore 10 reasons hosted VoIP can positively impact business communications immediately—and for years to come. Let’s begin by delving into cost-saving features of transitioning to this powerful new option.

1. Lower Upfront Costs

To get started with hosted VoIP, you need only VoIP-ready headsets. No extensive systems, wire-stringing adventures, or expensive boxes. In an uncertain business economy, this is a huge bonus. When many businesses are experiencing growth and contraction on a regular basis, agreeing to a huge communications budget upfront can be difficult. With Hosted VoIP, you don’t have to. These systems deliver the most advanced technologies at a fraction of the cost.

Without having to manage both data and phone lines, your company will see even more savings over time. Start to finish, this is a money saving opportunity for any enterprise.

2. Fewer Resources Spent on IT Support

Traditional phone systems take up plenty of space – physically and emotionally. They require a great deal of IT support and can create too much stress for your personnel.

Hosted VoIP solutions give you a clean, simple, and sophisticated interface. With decreased IT support and training required for administration, you can focus on work rather than the phones. Easily add or remove users and enable additional features as needed—all from your desktop. Your IT department will be glad you won’t need to call them for these simple day-to-day tasks anymore.

3. Decreased Operating Expenses

phone services innovationSpending tens of thousands of dollars on a phone system is rarely in the budget. In an economy that remains in flux, companies want to install the best tech for the lowest price. There are no expensive servers or systems to purchase with hosted VoIP. This means fewer assets your company spends money on, which will only depreciate in value over time.

Your company will quickly see the cost benefit of VoIP solutions with only monthly service fees to worry about. Call centers using this system can run on as little as $1,200 per month; a traditional telephone system can range up to 100 times that number. Whether you’re a new startup or a large enterprise, those savings are worthwhile.

4. Time Is Money

When disaster strikes, companies lose money. In the case of a fire or flood, property damage can be a major expense. The loss of business hours can represent an even bigger hit. Your communications could be knocked out altogether with a traditional phone system. Lost work and missed sales stack up by the minute.

With hosted VoIP, business continues as usual in the face of these disasters. Your data servers are located in a secure and redundant system off-site, so no physical harm will come to your system. A web-based portal allows employees to filter calls through any unaffected phone—both cellular and landline. The result is a staff that can work from anywhere with minimal hours of work lost.

Make sure your company maintains its continuity, even in the face of emergencies — time is money.

5. Scale, Don’t Replace

Traditional phone systems usually support a set number of employees. Expanding them can be costly and time-consuming, putting businesses in the position of having to predict upfront what their growth will be in calculator-428294_640the short- and long-term. The difficulty in doing so is one reason why companies are opting for hosted VoIP instead. This highly flexible technology is the epitome of scalability.

Whether you’re undergoing budget cuts or are adding locations, hosted VoIP systems can be quickly and easily scaled up or down. No stress, and no huge budget changes — just great service with superior flexibility.

With lower upfront costs, inexpensive service fees, fewer resources spent on IT support, flawless continuity, and the ultimate scalability, this is a choice your board will be happy to sign off on.

In our next blog post, join us for another five ways Hosted VoIP will benefit your business. We’ll take a look at the high-functionality which takes Hosted VoIP to the next level.




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