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About Us

We are a leading provider of dynamic business communication solutions and managed services for a wide spectrum of organizations ranging from municipalities and large corporations all the way through privately held local businesses. For more than 35 years we have been providing cutting edge technology solutions for our clients. We approach each client with a concierge level solution. Making sure that every implementation is perfectly suited to your individual business needs.

Our Success

At Tele-Dynamics we don't shy from innovation, we embrace it. Our success in the business communications and enterprise technology solutions marketplace has always and continues to be built upon strong relationships with our valued customers and partners. Tele-Dynamics has partnered with leaders in the Information Technology and Telecommunications Industry. Business partners like Microsoft, Polycom, Avaya and Toshiba have made Tele-Dynamics a leader in communications for over 35 years.

Our Mission

Our purpose is simply to empower each and every one of you with unparalleled business communication tools. We stay on the cusp of advances and technology industry trends in order to continuously deliver voice and data solutions to you in a way that gives you, the TDNYC customer a perpetual competitive advantage over the rest of your industry.


Our Approach

At Tele-Dynamics, we value relationships above all else. Being a leader in the business communications field, We have learned that the ability to listen is powerful. We lead with this very same notion on every client call we have. From our initial discovery call all the way through the business solution provider stage, we are laser focused on an unmatched level of effectiveness and satisfaction.

Our Culture

Is one of learning. We are constant students of the critically changing business landscape around us.
Our growth is built on a foundation of employee empowerment and a commitment to the customer. Simply put, we act, we learn and then we improve on your behalf.


Learning is the key to Success.

In the fast paced world of Information Technology and Telecommunications, things are always evolving. That is why our company culture revolves around learning. Not only does our staff support the leading edge of the latest technology, including VoIP, SIP and Cloud based servers but we also have engineers on staff that support legacy hardware that is decades old. Past, Present or Future, Tele-Dynamics provides the Technology Support you need to run your business more efficiently. From Unified Communications, IM and Presence, and Video Conferencing to VoIP, Managed IT Services and cloud applications Tele-Dynamics is making strides to help transform the Telecommunications industry.

Speak to an Expert

A solution specialist will contact you for an interactive demo of the key features and benefits of technology solutions from TDNYC.