December 20, 2013


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As a leader in telecommunications technology, Toshiba Telecommunication Systems Division is committed to designing and manufacturing America’s highest quality business communication systems.

Toshiba telecommunication systems are renowned for superior quality, reliability and a migration strategy that allows you to keep much of your original equipment even as your business grows.
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Toshiba is a technology leader focused on providing businesses with customer driven, world-class communication solutions and services. Toshiba offers award winning business telephone systems that are right for any business. Choose from on-premise or cloud-based telephone solutions.

Tele-Dynamics | Toshiba IP edge : Give Your Business the Edge

One of your most important business assets is your voice communication system. The right system gives you the power to attract customers, increase productivity, save money, enhance your image and improve customer satisfaction.

Whether your business is just getting started or expanding with new locations, communication is key to keeping your customers, employees, and vendors connected.

IPedge Net technology lets you network multiple systems together to dramatically expand capacity and improve integration between decentralized locations.
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Whether your company needs a Pure or Converged IP solution, our IPedge® and Strata® CIX™ systems offer solutions for every-sized business.

Learn more about Toshiba’s IP business communication solutions.



EYEMAGINE | Toshiba IP edge VoIP Success Story

EYEMAGINE Gets the Edge With Toshiba’s IPedge EP VoIP Business Telephone System

THE CHALLENGE: Create a Scalable and Effective
Communication Presence With an Efficient and
Affordable VoIP Telephone System

Cindy Natoniewski, EYEMAGINE’s operations manager, specified
the need for a VoIP business telephone system that would meet
EYEMAGINE’s communication objectives, which include:

  • Establishing a voice communication presence with an
    affordable VoIP business telephone system;
  • Replacing the previous system, which had been outgrown,
    with the latest in VoIP technology;
  • Delivering the scalability that allows new users, features, and
    applications as the company grows;
  • Having an Automated Attendant with different time-of-day
    outgoing greetings so that incoming calls are always
    answered; and
  • Allowing users to personalize their telephone features,
    including their voice mailboxes.

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Toshiba’s IPedge® EP IP business telephone system helped EYEMAGINE, an Irvine, Calif.-based eCommerce innovator, meet its communications goals, including empowering the company with the latest VoIP technology.

Mark Gallagher, Sales Engineer and Authorized Toshiba Dealer, recommended Toshiba’s
IPedge VoIP business telephone system. He said, “Toshiba’s
IPedge EP is the perfect first telephone system for growing small
businesses. It has all the bells and whistles of a bigger system but
is designed for companies with less than 40 users per server.”
Tele-Dynamics has been an Authorized Toshiba Dealer for over a decade.

THE SOLUTION: Toshiba’s IPedge EP Delivers Scalable and Effective Voice Communication Presence
Installed and serviced by Tele-Dynamics Toshiba business telephone system consists of:

  • One IPedge EP VoIP business telephone system, a single-server solution;
  • Toshiba IP 5000-series desk telephones
  • Unified Messaging, which allows users to receive both voice and email messages in their email inboxes; and
  • Enterprise Manager for simple on-site management, including changing names and resetting voice mail passwords.

Result #1: An Effective and Efficient Communication Solution for Callers
Toshiba met EYEMAGINE’s requirement for a scalable telephone solution by providing features required by growing small businesses. With Automated Attendant, EYEMAGINE’s telephones are always answered with appropriate outgoing greetings, based on time of day. Users now also have direct-dial extensions, individual voice mailboxes, and the ability to manage multiple lines while receiving important voice mails via email.

Result #2: Unified Messaging and Automated Attendant Improve Efficiency
Unified Messaging enables users to access their faxes, voice and email messages right from their inboxes. Adding Automated Attendant and direct-dial extensions empowers employees to be more efficient as they receive only the calls that are actually meant for them. It also improves client communication. The IPedge EP processes hundreds of incoming calls every month, helping EYEMAGINE employees increase productivity and profitability.

Result #3: Ability to Scale the Phone System Along With the Business
With Toshiba’s IPedge EP, EYEMAGINE has an affordable, feature-rich VoIP business telephone system that can grow as the business grows. EYEMAGINE can add and network its IPedge EP with additional IPedge system and/or Toshiba’s Strata® CIX™ business telephone systems. For remote users, EYEMAGINE can simply add IP telephones without having to install a system.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Centralized Toshiba Business Telephone System Saves Costs and Improves Communication
Toshiba’s IPedge EP VoIP telephone system met and exceeded EYEMAGINE’s communications objectives. Bottom line benefits include:

  • An effective voice communication platform with an Automated Attendant and direct dial extensions;
  • An affordable VoIP telephone system designed for a small business;
  • Flexibility of IP telephones, which can be moved around with plug-and-play efficiency;
  • Cost savings over a digital telephone system as less cabling was needed and Unified Communications was included with the IPedge EP; and
  • The ability to scale the telephone system as the business scales.

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