January 14, 2015

Regular Agent Features for Avaya IP Office Contact Center (IPOCC)


Avaya IPOCC gives your agents an abundance of features that help them efectively communicate with your customers. Online Chat, Email and Phone calls are all integrated into one unified experience. After a call or email is completed, the agent is given a predetermined “wrap-up” time to finish taking notes and move on to the next customer. If they step away from their desk, or if they are in a meeting and are unable to receive calls, they can cahnge there status to away and incoming calls, emails and chats will not be routed to them. Once they return to their desk all it takes it two clicks and they are joined back into the call queue.

When you customer calls for the second or third time your agents automatically see the contact history of the client including call logs and note, emails and chat records. The system will try to route the caller to the same agent they spoke with last time but if they are unavailable Avaya IPOCC will ensure that the agent is equipped with all the data they need to make your customer feel right at home. Third-party integration with popular Sales Tools and CRM platforms like Sales Force make customer interactions a breeze and make your company a pleasure to do business with at every call and point of contact.

Finally, supervisors and managers are now equipped with the tools to properly manage your customer service team. Avaya IPOCC puts your managers back in the drivers seat with a wealth of analytics and call flow and routing controls to maximize productively and help drive sales.

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Learn how Avaya transforms customer service delivery and closes the gap between today’s consumer and today’s contact center. The next generation is all about end-to-end customer experience management.

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