May 22, 2014

avaya-one-X-Mobile-iphone-android-galaxyLearn how Avaya One-X Mobile for IP Office makes your Smartphone more Addicting than ever before.

Avaya’s free, award-winning app enables your smart phone to be your trusty business phone system extension, in addition to everything else it does for you…

Avaya’s One-X Mobile client app enables your Apple iOS or Android / Galaxy Smartphone to serve as an extension of your Avaya IP Office business phone solution.

Download the free Avaya One-X Mobile app for IP Office:

You can take your office calls, instant messages and visual voice mail on your smartphone as if you were at your desk. Just give out one number – your office number – and incoming calls will ring on both your desk phone and smartphone, either sequentially or simultaneously.

Access advanced phone system features such as direct-extension dialing, call transfer, call recording and more. Have multiple IM sessions open, and send messages to a group to speed up communications. The IP Office phone system supports Presence so you’ll know who’s busy and who’s available, and when you can connect.

Find out how you can put the power of Avaya IP Office to work for your business… Contact Tele-Dynamics today at: (800) AVAYA-NOW or [email protected]

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