May 7, 2014


  • IM and Presence support—send instant messages to
    other users; view user availability within the system
  • Federated Presence with GoogleTalk
  • Sync with Microsoft Outlook calendar
  • Avaya Flare® Experience Support – Avaya 1010
  • Point-to-point HD video collaboration
  • Avaya 1040
  • HD multi-party video collaboration for 4 participants
  • Avaya IP Office Video Softphone
  • Point-to-point HD video collaboration
  • HD multi-party video collaboration for 6 participants
    Avaya Video Collaboration Solution for IP Office
  • Audio, data, HD video collaboration – one conference
  • Multi-party for up to 8 remote participants; (7) remote participants with integrated room system in conference
  • Continuous presence video to see everyone simultaneously
  • PC, Mac, Android, iOS clients
  • Dual 720p HD room system with PTZ camera, digital micro –
    phone pod, dual display support
  • Remote firewall traversal for desktop and mobile participants
  • Portal software for easy connectivity (requires
    Windows PC server)
  • Customer Service Features
  • Networking Features
  • Desk Phones with Presence
  • Advanced Security Features
  • Standard proactive monitoring and alarming
  • System Status Application (SSA)
  • Diagnostic tool to monitor and check the status
    of IP Office systems
  • Provides real-time status and historic reports
  • Automatic daily backups
  • Configuration is copied to the SD card once a day
  • Remote backup and restore via FTP or SFTP

Call Parking

As an alternative to placing a call on hold, a call can be parked on the system to be picked by another user.
The call park facility is available through the user’s telephone, Phone Manager or SoftConsole. Calls are Parked
against a ‘park slot number’ which can be announced over a paging system so the person the call is for can go
to any phone and collect the call by dialing the park slot number.
For convenience Phone Manager has 4 pre-defined park buttons. On digital phones with DSS/BLF keys it is
possible to program Park keys that will indicate when there is a call in a particular park slot and allow calls to
be parked or retrieved.
There is a system configurable timeout that determines how long a call may remain parked before it is represented
to the extension that originally parked the call.

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