February 14, 2014

Preparing for Bring Your Own Applications

With employee-owned devices come consumer apps and services. As more outside mobile devices and computers show up in the workplace, programs not meant for enterprise use will also start popping up on company networks. Employees rely on apps they’re familiar with — such as Dropbox, Google Docs and Skype — to work the same way they would away from work. These apps are easy to use and readily available, but they also bring a new set of potential data security problems. IT departments should recognize the benefits of these apps — and employee preferences — and look for ways to fit them into security policies in a way that doesn’t put the enterprise at risk.

Avaya offers comprehensive solutions that help you manage the many challenges of BYOD. Avaya’s approach spans employee needs, locations, devices and services through a variety of solutions:

  • Identity Engines: allow businesses to centrally manage and secure network
    access using the network to authenticate and authorize individual users, guests and devices over a wide range of role-based access options. With a BYOD initiative, business can now control network access based on who they are, what they can access, and where and when they have access.
  • Session Border Controllers: enable the safe use of personal mobile devices by securing Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) applications and enabling remote workers without cumbersome Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).
  • Remote Office Clients: solve security and mobility issues by allowing users to connect to virtual desktops and switch between devices to access information.
  • UC Solutions: create virtual offices that keep business moving. Enterprise-level business applications allow users to connect and collaborate whether they’re traveling, at a customer site or working remotely.
  • Networking Solutions: help companies meet growing bandwidth needs and
    enable roaming employees with optimized, secure wireless networking.
  • Avaya Aura SIP-based UC solutions: create a truly mobile workplace by
    enabling voice, video and text-based collaboration capabilities, regardless of location or switch connection.
  • Avaya SIP Transformation Services: help businesses develop the economic
    justification to modernize and migrate their current communications framework to SIP. Avaya consultants identify new business benefits and cost savings to help you self-fund your investment to switch to more collaborative communications.

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