May 27, 2014

DATEL Unified Contact Center Call SWEET! for Avaya IP Office brings Real Time Contact Center Management Solutions to Small and Midsize Businesses at a fraction of the cost of other solutions. As a business owner, retaining current customers and attracting new ones is your number one priority. Without keeping track of calls and employee activity, it is impossible to measure success.

DATEL Call SWEET! for Avaya IP Office gives your company reliable Call Accounting Software for your Avaya PBX Phone system. Tele-Dynamics can help make this integration happen seamlessly with little or no interruption to your daily business communications. DATEL Software Solutions is your key to effectively manage your capital investment in telecommunications. Effectively manage and control the operations of your contact center using Datel’s intuitive control panel. Features like CRM Integration, smoothly combines your current CRM application with Call SWEET! Live. It enables you to see who is calling and pulls up their information via screen pop, all before you even answer the phone! Managers can pick and choose what information is displayed to agents in the screen pop, helping to keep agents focused and confidential customer information secure.

The DATEL Call SWEET! call accounting software for Avaya IP Office can give you the answers to valuable questions such as:

  • When is my peak traffic?
  • How many calls did we take today?
  • How many gave up?
  • How long did our customers wait for?
  • Who called…& from where?
  • Is my current promotion attracting interest?
  • Were my agents courteous?
  • Are my staff working efficiently, and can I maximize their productivity?
  • And so much more.

Contact Tele-Dynamics today to find out how you can integrate the DATEL Call SWEET! with your existing Avaya IP Office infrastructure.


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