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Fiber Internet

Shared vs Dedicated – What is the Difference?


Not all Fiber-based Internet Services are equal.  There are shared Internet Service Providers and dedicated Internet Service Providers. We’re here to help you decide what you need.

Upload Speed

Shared Fiber typically does not have symmetrical upload speeds.

Download Speed

Dedicated Fiber typically does not offer high speed for a low price.

Over Subscribed

Shared Fiber Providers typically over subscribe their services causing degradation.

How Does Shared Fiber Internet Work?

When you sign up for a shared Business Fiber plan, your service provider makes an estimate of how many users are likely to need online service at once. The provider will sign up more users than the system can accommodate at one time because the expectation is that they will not all need to transmit large amounts of information at once. Download and upload speeds on a shared-system perform “up to” a particular speed. If traffic on the shared system is light, users will experience faster download speeds. If the system is busy and other users are streaming video or uploading large files, download speeds will decrease.

How Does Dedicated Fiber Internet Work?

Dedicated Fiber Internet Access (DIA) is one of the purest forms of Fiber Internet access. With a dedicated plan, your business is the only subscriber to a specified amount of bandwidth – the bandwidth allocated is for your use only. Unlike a shared plan, your access is not oversubscribed and speeds are guaranteed, not “up to.” Performance is consistent and has guaranteed minimums and uptime. Download and upload speeds are typically synchronous, meaning that they are the same.


Making the Fiber Decision

Let’s say you are a smaller organization. You have standard Internet needs – the need to email, use basic cloud applications, communicate online, and process credit card transactions. Your needs are standard and you and your staff will likely will not be inconvenienced or even notice occasional slow-downs, depending on the subscribe-to speeds. In this scenario, a shared fiber is the best choice for you. Now let’s say you are a medium to large-sized organization. You transfer large files throughout the day, so you must be able to upload just as fast as you download. You are heavily reliant on the Cloud, have multiple locations that you need on one network, and are in a highly regulated industry. You have greater technical needs and require dedicated, guaranteed speeds and your budget accommodates for those needs. In this scenario, dedicated fiber is the best choice.

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