January 17, 2014

“On Friday evening our service went down . . . core service was fully restored by 4:40 PM PT on Sunday. We know you rely on Dropbox to get things done, and we’re very sorry for the disruption. ” – Akhil / Head of Infrastructure at Dropbox

Over the weekend DropBox experienced one of the biggest outages ever that effected millions of users data across the globe. CEO Drew Houston announced that Dropbox has hit 200 million users according to Tech Crunch. Although DropBox was traditional a consumer based product, its popularity and ease of use has helped the company see a huge surge in small and medium size business use. But the questions remains, is Dropbox really a viable solution for business?

Forbes said that “what the company seems to fail to understand is that ease of use is sadly but one factor in the plethora of things that enterprise IT decision makers think about.” And what is it that IT decision makers think about? Security, Reliability and Cost. Dropbox seems to have definitely gotten the last one right and that is cost. Personal account are free and although they provide limited amounts of storage, once a user finds the product useful they have no problem upgrading. But things aren’t always what they seem. What starts out as a free account can get much more expensive once you want to start using it for business. Dropbox for Business costs $795 per year for a 5-user team and they charge an additional $125 per user per year. If you have a staff 25 employees, that is $3295 per year, every year, for the life of the time that you want to use a data back-up and syncing tool for your companies data.

I personally believe that any business that is serious about protecting their companies data should seriously consider using an on premise data back-up and syncing solution that was designed for enterprise. Tele-Dynamics Managed Services prodives your business with a secure, reliable, cost effective data back-up solution for all your business needs. Want to learn more about what Tele-Dynamics Managed Services can do for you? Contact Us at [email protected]

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