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Dynamic SIP Trunking

With Dynamic SIP Trunking, companies can connect their PBX system to the publicly switched telephone network via their existing Internet connectivity, instead of the bundles of physical wires used in traditional telephony. SIP trunks typically use the same Internet access that is used for transferring data, for simplified administration and troubleshooting.


HD Quality


Move Your Lines to the Cloud

SIP Trunking provides significant savings by eliminating the need to install local PSTN gateways, costly ISDN BRIs (Basic Rate Interfaces), or PRIs (Primary Rate Interfaces). If your PBX is not IP-enabled, one will be installed on your premise to convert all calls from traditional phone service to less costly VoIP.

Secure & Encrypted

Transport Layer Security (TLS) provides encryption for call signaling and Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP) provides encryption for call media


24/7 Monitored

With TDNYC’s dedicated staff overseeing your SIP trunks and connections, rest assured that you have the industry’s best tech support watching and notifying you, even if the issue is with power, equipment, or your provided circuits.

No Need to Change Hardware

Using Cisco's leading innovations we're able to deliver you our SIP trunks without ever needing to change your PBX's equipment. We allow you to VoIP enable your PBX with no caveats. Our SIP Trunking is simple, save money, and increase productivity.


Disaster Recovery

Traditional lines offer no real disaster recovery plans. We allow you to automatically fail over to anywhere, whether that be a cell phone or another site. Giving you the flexibility to plan for anything.

Speak to an Expert

A solution specialist will contact you for an interactive demo of the key features and benefits of technology solutions from TDNYC.