May 13, 2014

If you are searching for an easy way to enable “Click to Call” / “Click to Dial” features in Avaya IP Office / Avaya One-X than you are not alone. Click to Call is an important feature in today’s workplace, with businesses increasingly using computers to communicate, the functionality of speaking to someone with a one click of a mouse is essential. Not only does this feature increase employee productivity but it makes everyone’s lives easier by making it so simple for people to reach out to each other. Today we live in a fast paced world and we want out office technology (PC Computers and Desk Phones) to funichinoin as efficiently and seamlessly as our personal technology (Mobile Devices and Tablets) does at home.

In this tutorial we will show you how easy it is to take a website lead and turn it into a conversation with the power of Avaya IP Office and the Avaya One-X platform.

The Avaya One-X platform can integrate directly with Microsoft Outlook to add direct click to call functionality directly into your Office Email Client. But before it can do that you must install the Avaya One-X Call Assistant / Attendant. For instructions on how to install the Avaya One-X Call Assistant please read this article:

After you have successfully installed the Avaya One-X Call Assistant, you are ready to start making calls from your PC. The way that the Avaya One-X platform handles global PC dialing is a little bit different than other service handle web browser based dialing. It is not so much a “Click to Call” its more highlight to dial. While inside any other app besides Outlook (Google Chrome, Firefox, MS Word, MS Excel, Notepad ect.) simply highlight the number that you want to dial and click on your “hotkey” keyboard combination and Avaya Call Assistant will automatically dial the number selected on your Avaya IP Office desktop phone.

(The Default hot key combo is usually ” Ctrl + Shift + C ” C for Call )

This also works with Extension dialing as well. Give it a try today, it will save you allot of time and increase productivity inside your organization.

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