January 29, 2014

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A Gmail bug caused some users to inadvertently delete a message or report it as spam, Google has announced in a notice to users.

The issue, which only appeared on several platforms, including the Gmail iOS app, caused some actions — including “delete” and “report spam” — to be applied to a message while viewing a different message. So while you were trying to report actual spam, Gmail may have instead reported an important message from your boss.

Google has apologized for the issue, The Verge reports, and advised users to check their Trash and Spam folders before February for items that may not belong there. If you find any, simply move them back to the inbox.

The bug comes shortly after a massive outage rendered Gmail inaccessible to up to 10% of users. The downtime, which also affected other Google services such as Hangouts and Google+, lasted for about an hour.

via @Mashable

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