January 16, 2014

VoIP can easily save you hundreds to thousands of dollars on your phone bill.

VoIP. Simple to Setup. Simple to Save.
A VoIP or broadband phone service (also known as digital phone service) can help you save up to 90% of your monthly phone bill…without changing your current phone carrier.

It’s best suited for if you can relate to any of the following needs:

> I run a small business and phone bill services make up a significant part of my overhead.
> I have a high speed internet connection and would like to lower my phone bills.
> I make expensive long distance phone or international calls and want to minimize costs.
> I like the convenience of taking my number with me as I travel anywhere in the world.
> I’d like to utilize attractive features such as conference calling, choice of any
area code, voice mail, caller ID, call waiting etc.

Using voice over IP (VoIP), any computer or telephone connected to the internet with a broadband connection can call another computer or phone at a fraction of usual cost!!! TDNYC offers the most cost-effective VoiP solutions, not matter how big or small your business is.

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