May 13, 2014

Installing one-X Call Assistant
You can install one-X Call Assistant version 9.0 application from the one-X Portal for IP Office server.

Note: If one-X Call Assistant version 7.0 is already installed, you must manually uninstall the one-X Call Assistant application. The one-X Call Assistant version 9.0 installation does not upgrade or remove the previous installation.

To install one-X Call Assistant:
1.Log in to one-X Portal for IP Office.
2.In the Configuration tab, select Desktop Integration.
3.Click Install one-X Desktop Clients.
4.The next steps vary depending on the browser:
•Internet Explorer or Safari
The file download menu prompts you with options to perform on the file setup.exe. Select Run.
•Google Chrome or Firefox
When the browser prompts you, select Save. The browser downloads the installation file. When the download is complete, double click the downloaded file and select Run.
5.The system unpacks the installer prepares to install the one-X Call Assistantsoftware. In the welcome screen, click Next.
•If you have already installed one-X Call Assistant the system displays the following options Modify, Repair and Remove. Select Modify to install this version over the existing one. Similarly, if you have a different version already installed the system prompts you to upgrade.
6.Select I accept the terms in the license agreement.
7.Click Next. Enter your name and the organization that you work for.
8.The system displays Setup Type dialog box.
a.Select Complete to install both one-X Call Assistant and Avaya IP Office Plug-in.
b.Select Custom to install only one of the desktop clients.
9.Click Next. Select the program features you want to install.
10.Select a folder where the software should be installed and accept the default prompts.
11.Click Install. The system displays the progress of the installation.
12.Click Finish.
•Note: Depending on the environment that the one-X Desktop Clients are installed the installation wizard prompts you to restart the system.
The system displays ca icon connected Connected in the notification area and a message when it connects to one-X Portal for IP Office. If the system is unable to connect to one-X Portal for IP Office, then the system displays ca icon not connected Not connected. To check the connection settings, right-click the icon and select Settings.

1.In the Server Information section
a.Type the IP address of one-X Portal for IP Office in the Application Server field.
b.Type the server port for one-X Portal for IP Office in the Server Port field. By default, the server port is 8080.
2.In the Logon Information section, type the user name and password that you use to log in to one-X Portal for IP Office.
3.Click OK.

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