April 24, 2014

TDNYC is one of the leading companies in the New York City / New Jersey / Connecticut area still providing enterprise level support for legacy Lucent Partner and Avaya Partner Systems. We are also proud to provide world class support for legacy Nortel, Avaya Definity, Avaya Definity Pro-Logic, Avaya Definity Pro-Logic, Avaya MAGIX, Avaya MERLIN, and Avaya Legend Systems. The combination of our years of experience in the Telecommunication industry and our dedicated sale and support team makes Tele-Dynamics a leader in Lucent Partner Support. Since the Lucent Partner and Avaya Partner systems are discontinued and no longer official supported by Avaya, it is important that you partner with a vendor who has the experience to troubleshoot this legacy systems. Since official support is no long available for Lucent Partner Systems, in many cases you are much better off upgrading your PBX phone system to the new Avaya IP Office suite which can support up to 2,000 end points. The Avaya IP Office System has a wide variety of advanced state of the art features and configurations that integrate with the latest technology as well as the ability to integrate and emulate with legacy Lucent and Avaya partner systems, as well as with Nortel and other PBX models. In most situations you are better off putting your valuable business capital towards upgrading to a new state of the art product like Avaya IP Office that can offer you advanced features that can increase productivity and help your business grow rather than investing in an out-dated system that is discontinued and no longer supported. The problem is finding a team of trained technicians who have the experience to fix existing problems and make migration as seamless as possible. We can definitely help! Tele-Dynamics can make your Avaya IP Office migration completely transparent to end users and ensure that your company experiences little or no down time in the process. Call Tele-Dynamics today to talk about your upgrade options and to get support for your existing Lucent Partner Systems. You can reach us at 212-413-8100

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