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Microsoft Economic Study 2016

By deploying Polycom voice solutions for Microsoft Office 365, an engineering firm was able to realize:

$1.6M in total risk-adjusted benefits

$1M in incremental revenue with more billable hours

$537k in improved productivity

$74k in phone purchase and installation cost savings

$14k in employee relocation cost savings

Improved communications

Prior to Polycom voice solutions for Microsoft Lync, the Organization had deployed a number of Microsoft applications, including OCS 2007 (Office Communications Server), and had phones from several vendors, including Polycom, which resulted in a disjointed communication experience across the Organization’s global employee base. With Polycom voice solutions for Microsoft Lync, the Organization was able to simplify communications, improve collaboration, increase productivity, and reduce hardware costs.

Improved Productivity

Easier collaboration allows power users of Polycom voice solutions for Microsoft Lync to save 20 minutes per day. In 50% of cases, this saved time is put to productive use within the organization.


Manageable channels of communication

Moving to a single communication environment reduces complexity and costs. With the combined Polycom and Lync solution, the various ways users connect are integrated into a single, more manageable environment. Fewer on-site IT staff are needed due to Lync enabled Polycom devices making user moves and changes much simpler to manage. Previously, office relocations required IT staff to be on-site to physically move the phones. With Lync enabled devices, users simply sign out of their old location’s device and sign into the new location, reducing the need for on-site IT staff support and saving the Organization $30 per move or change.

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