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FREE info_outline

  • Included Polycom VVX300 info_outline
  • Lifetime maintenance
  • HD Voice
  • POE (Power over Ethernet)
  • Speaker Phone
  • Group Intercom Paging
  • 6 line key buttons

$ 5 /mo

  • PREMIUM Polycom VVX400 info_outline
  • Lifetime maintenance
  • Sidecar expansion support
  • Intuitive color display
  • HD Voice + Speaker Phone
  • POE (Power over Ethernet)
  • Group Intercom Paging
  • 12 line key buttons

$ 10 /mo

  • EXECUTIVE Polycom VVX500 info_outline
  • Lifetime maintenance
  • Video chat capabilities info_outline
  • Touchscreen display
  • Built-in Gigabit Ethernet
  • HD Voice + Speaker Phone
  • POE (Power over Ethernet)
  • Group Intercom Paging

Your business phone system in the cloud

All the features your company needs with Cloud VOIP from TDNYC.

  • filter_dramaCloud PBX

    TDNYC offers an all-inclusive cloud phone system with HD voice that delivers the security and reliability expected by the enterprise.

  • chat_bubble_outlineCompany Messaging

    Send private and secure communication to employees and customers via Omni WEB Portal.

  • ring_volumeBusy Light Fields

    The ability to recognize whether an extension is in use or not. The extension will light up, and allow an Admin or Executive user to monitor and answer that extension.

  • import_export Call Forwarding

    Set office phone to ring to another device. Can be done on phone or through web portal.

  • contact_phoneCall Park

    The ability to put a call on hold from one telephone and continue the conversation from any other telephone from any location in the world.

  • assessmentCall Queue Analytics

    The ability to record and report call queue data for every employee logged in while tracking daily traffic and wait in-between calls.

  • mic_none Call Recording

    Record and store phone calls.

  • library_music Custom On Hold Music

    A caller on hold will hear user-created music on hold.

  • library_books Call Reporting Logs

    Ability to review call activity in real time, as well as pull a CSV file.

  • call_merge Call Transfer

    Transfer a call to a phone anywhere.

  • ring_volume Call Waiting

    Allows a person to receive a call when on the line with someone else.

  • call_split Conference Bridge Center

    Create a branded, customizable call center to organize a conference call at any time with a large number of participants, using a dial-in number and PIN code.

  • code Customized API

    Create and design custom interfaces geared specifically to your company’s preferences.

  • speaker_phone Mobile Twinning

    Mobile Twinning is an optional feature on our cloud-based phone system that allows your employees to link an external number to their desk extension.

  • play_for_work Directory Dialing

    Ability to have personal and corporate directories programmed on phone.

  • report_problem Disaster Recovery

    Guaranteed method to ensure you never lose service during an outage or natural disaster.

  • print Fax to Email

    Send and receive faxes directly to email as an attachment.

  • assignment_ind Inbound Caller ID

    Call details appear on the phone when a call is received.

  • supervisor_account Individual Direct in Dial Numbers

    Ability to bypass an auto attendant or receptionist and reach a user directly with their own, personal phone number.

  • settings_phone Intercom

    Two-way audio communication via intercom.

  • call_missed Missed Call Notification

    Receive an email notification any time a phone call is missed.

  • perm_contact_calendar Outbound Custom Caller ID

    Customize outbound caller ID with a specific phone number and area code.

  • markunread_mailbox Outlook/Gmail Integration

    Make calls directly from Outlook and Google Chrome.

  • recent_actors Business Paging

    The ability to communicate one-way announcements to other parties.

  • vpn_key PIN Codes

    Ability to create enterprise-wide PIN codes to make outgoing calls.

  • person_pin Inbound Call Block

    Ability to block a specific number from calling your company.

  • work Salesforce / CRM Integration

    Business VOIP for Salesforce enhances your CRM experience with integrated cloud business communications, improving workforce productivity, increasing call efficiency, and enhancing customer interaction.

  • phonelink_ring Softphone

    A softphone application that installs on your desktop, iPad and/or cell phone that mirrors your business phone

  • visibility Shared Call Line Appearance

    Allows Reception/Administrators to identify what number/extension the caller is calling for.

  • swap_vertical_circle Simultaneous Ring

    Ring any number of phones simultaneously.

  • track_changes Sequential Ring

    Ring phones in a predetermined sequence until user or voicemail picks up.

  • dialpad Speed Dial

    Set up personal speed dials from each phone.

  • query_builder Office Operation Times

    Allows you to turn your system operation times on and off.

  • group_work Three-Way Conference Calling

    Ability to conference in two other people, for a total of three parties on the line.

  • swap_calls Unlimited Auto Attendants

    A pre-recorded response allows callers to press a key and be routed to the associated destination.

  • call_split Unlimited Virtual Extensions

    Create unlimited extensions with the ability to customize each extension differently.

  • voicemail Voicemail to Email

    Ability to receive voicemails to the user’s email address.

  • web Web Admin/User Portal

    Administer your phone or system through an online portal.

  • verified_user Web Receptionist

    The ability to view current phone users, voicemails, and transfer calls via a web client.

* State and Local Sales Tax, E-911 and Other fees are not included. Additional Installation and configuration fees may apply. International calls will be charged at our international rates. Phone rental available only with multi-year contract. Reasonable fair use policies apply on all unlimited plans. Cisco Firewall Quality of Service Device is required for all installation locations with over 3 phones. Additional equipment such as routers, switches and cabling may be required. Please contact your TD sales representative for more information.

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