August 3, 2016

VoIP Providers


Your Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) provider makes a big difference in how seamlessly integration happens for your company.

Each provider is unique, and offers benefits for various company sizes, types, and needs. Here are five questions to ask before you choose your business VoIP provider.

What is the State of My Current System?

The first step in choosing a VoIP provider for your business is to decide which VoIP solution is right for you. This requires looking at your current phone system and defining any issues, downfalls, or inefficiencies. What can your phone system do better? VoIP solutions can optimize and fine-tune your phone system, bringing your company into the modern world. However, none of this will matter if your VoIP solution isn’t right for your company.

How Do I Want to Use My Phone System?

Take a look at your monthly phone bill and usage. This will help you understand if you’re better off with a metered or unlimited VoIP plan. Different plans have different benefits. You also have to look at the types of calls your business conducts. Do your employees currently make calls inside the office? Outside the office? Intra-office? Toll-free calls? The way you use your phone system lays the foundation for how you want to use your ideal VoIP system. It will also help you understand which provider to choose.

what-3d-text_fkEHnttd copyWhat Special Features Do I Want?

Different business VoIP providers offer different services. Some provide free calls between extensions while others have unlimited global in-network calls. Others offer special features such as call screening, conferencing, forwarding, instant messaging, auto attendant, voicemail to email, do not disturb status, and mobile applications. Choose your provider carefully to ensure you don’t waste money on features you don’t need, or get stuck without features you do need.

What Basic Essentials Do I Need?

Besides special features, you need to consider the essentials. Providers offer different numbers of voicemail boxes and phone numbers according to each business’s requirements. Typically, VoIP offers one extension per mailbox, ringing three numbers at once per extension. You can transfer your existing phone number or buy extra numbers, but you have to pay attention to your provider’s extension limits, if they have any.

Will This Provider Help Me?

Using features your employees are unfamiliar with can be difficult without the help of an experienced VoIP provider. VoIP offers many benefits, but integration isn’t a cakewalk. The most important thing to ask yourself when choosing a provider is if they can give you the help, guidance, and expert assistance you need to make integration successful.


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