June 20, 2014

ACD (automatic call distributor) A switching system designed to queue and/or distribute a large volume of incoming calls to the next available “answering” position among a group of attendants.


Call Accounting ability to track and record the phone use of each workstation

Call Announcingbefore accepting a call, the user is given a prompt identifying a caller and providing them with options such as accept, decline, forward, etc.

Call Center Solutions system designed to equally distribute inbound calls to specific workstations

Caller ID A network service feature that permits the recipient of an incoming call to determine, even before answering, the number from which the incoming call is being placed. with options such as accept, forward, etc.

Call Recording ability to record individual inbound and/or outbound calls

Conference Bridge ability to pull a phone call into a conference call already in progress

Conference Calling ability to host a telephone conversation between more than 2 parties

Computer Technology Integration

Consolidated Billing

Digital/VoIP Solutions (ACD)

Distinctive Rings ability to configure distinctive rings for a workstation

Email Messaging ability to send a voicemail message via email

Fiber Runs/Feeders we are experts in installing network cables (cat5e or cat6) in your building or during any phase of construction. We can even work in conjunction with your contractor.

Hosted VoIP Solutions

Integrated Voice & Data Circuits

Internet Service

Local Service

Long Distance any outbound call that is considered a toll call

Maintenance Agreement a prepaid fixed price plan that covers all part and labor while also providing priority service


Multi-Location Networking

Music on Hold when a caller is placed on hold; this recorded message is played in intervals, comes standard or can be customized to your business

National Account Programs

Network Assessment

Paging Systems ability to send a page from one phone to another through the voice system


Reporting Packages

System Relocation

Toll Free Service

Unified Messaging

Voice & Data Wiring

Voice Mail

VoIP Systems enables you to make ordinary telephone calls over a computer network or the Internet. VoIP converts the data signals from your telephone into digital signals and sends these signals in packets over the Internet. It then converts them back on the other end, allowing you to speak to virtually anyone with a telephone. Today, companies use VoIP technology to reduce or eliminate long-distance costs, include remote or home-based employees on their enterprise calling systems, or enable these remote employees to retain a company extension as if they were working on-site.

Wide Area Design & Implementation

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