August 1, 2016

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There’s no doubt that mobile technology has redefined social interactions, everyday business, and employment.

The mobile generation (or “GenMobile”) describes the new, younger workforce that has grown up absorbed in technology. Business owners are incorporating mobile functionality not only for tangible returns on investment, but also to create a more welcoming and collaborative environment for younger employees.

Work Anywhere, With Anyone

The younger “millennial” generation has displayed an overarching tendency to eschew traditional employment and accepted practices in favor of workplace freedom and embracing change. Younger employees are far more concerned with the freedom to work how and where they want than previous generations, and most are willing to compromise competitive salaries and benefits for the ability to work on their own terms. Mobility in the digital workplace increases employee satisfaction and retention, and the freedom to work where you want boosts creativity and productivity.

Younger professionals also favor independent contract work over traditional nine-to-five jobs, and mobile technology benefits those looking for work and the companies seeking top talent outside of the usual sources. Employers can now connect with the most talented employees anywhere in the world, and those employees can connect and collaborate with each other any time.

New Challenges

mobile securitySecurity is one of the biggest challenges that businesses embracing GenMobile face. Bring Your Own Device policies may offer employees freedom to work how and where they want, but without proper training on device security, mobile platforms are susceptible to loss, theft, environmental damage, and storage wipes. As the number of devices per user increases, the risk of a data breach grows as well.

Business owners must also furnish their mobile employees with the right applications and tools that will allow collaboration. File incompatibility, lost attachments, poor phone signal, and other liabilities must be addressed during training. As long as mobile employees understand the risks and appropriate behaviors for working on the go, companies stand to see massive returns on their human capital investments. Happy employees do better work, and GenMobile has allowed the new generation of professionals to work on their own terms.

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