February 26, 2015

Time Warner completes “TWC MAXX” Rollout in New York City offering high-quality, Enterprise Class, Internet Service.

Discover how your business can benefit from super fast TWC MAXX Internet.

Time Warner Cable Inc. (TWC) announced it has completed the rollout of its “TWC Maxx” program in Los Angeles and New York City. Key enhancements now available to more than 7 million locations in these areas include Internet speeds up to six times faster than before, an advanced TV experience featuring Enhanced DVR with more storage and recording capabilities, plus a rock-solid new network to ensure optimum performance and reliability.

The service transformation was announced by TWC in January 2014 as a commitment to reinvent the TWC experience market by market, beginning in LA and NYC. The enhancements have been rolled out in stages by area as TWC completed a top-to-bottom network evaluation and upgrades to support the advanced services.

“Today marks an important milestone in Time Warner Cable’s commitment to provide our customers with best-in-class products and service,” said Time Warner Cable Chairman and CEO Robert D. Marcus.

For business customers in completed TWC Maxx markets, Time Warner Cable Business Services will offer speed tiers of 100 x 10, 200 x 20 and 300 x 20 as new options in its Wideband portfolio, complementing the existing tiers of Internet services. TWC Business Services also offers a symmetrical fiber-based Internet service that delivers speeds of up to 10 x 10 gigabits per second for business customers.

The shift to cloud-based business systems is one of the largest and fastest-growing trends in the communications industry today. Many businesses have already discovered the major benefits of a cloud solution, including cost advantages of the OpEx model, low maintenance, up-to-date features, and more. Along with these well-known benefits, there are also several hidden advantages of cloud solutions that can provide significant cost savings for your business.

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