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The Underlying Costs of an On-Premise Phone System

Not all phone systems are created equal. Many on-premise phone system manufacturers claim their 5-year costs are lower than the cloud alternatives. What they’re not showing you is the underlying costs that come from these systems.

Flexibility - How can your PBX keep up with peak demands?

On-Premise PBX's are subject to the hardware they utilize. To size your On-Premise PBX properly you'll need to guesstimate your peak demand and purchase for that ahead of time. With a cloud system, you pay for the peaks as they happen.

Redundancy - What happens when the powers out?

With On-Premise PBX's, there's limited redundancy and often needs to be designed in advance. Why pay for redundancy up front? Our cloud system includes redundancy at no additional cost to you.


Obsolescence - When does this equipment lose manufacturer support?

The average lifespan of an on-premise system is about 7 years. You may discover that the features your business rely on are not being updated to integrate with your business, leaving you with a system that cannot meet your needs. Our cloud based system is constantly updated and upgraded with new features and improves productivity as times change.

Mobility - How do I enable my mobile workforce?

One of the large short comings of an On-Premise system is the configuration of mobile applications. Many require assistance from your IT staff and carrier. Our cloud PBX has mobile integrations from the start.


Maintenance - What's the yearly manufacturer maintenance costs?

With on-premise PBX's you'll need manufacturers maintenance to get the latest updates and troubleshoot more advanced issues and hardware replacement. With our cloud PBX, there's no need to manufacturer's maintenance. We cover our hardware and it's included in your monthly expense.

Management - What is the labor rate to work on this?

On-Premise system's often require special software to manage the system, which can be cumbersome or impossible to understand if you don't already know Telecommunications. Our cloud PBX offers web based management to give you the edge on managing your system.


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