May 23, 2014

Finding the Best Video Conferencing Solution for your Business

Businesses increasingly have more remote workers. Whether working remote full-time, part-time or just while traveling for business, these workers rely heavily on their own mobile devices to stay in touch, yet they still need to stay connected to their teams for meetings in their offices. Now, more than ever, there’s a strong demand for a video conferencing solution that can provide a simple and instant connection from the office to the home and on the go.

Your business needs video conferencing.

But how do you want the solution delivered: as a cloud service that you rent or as software applications that you own and operate in your network?

The great news is that Lifesize offers you both! Whether you decide to go cloud or on-premises, Lifesize delivers the best connected experience to your meeting room, your office and on the go by working on virtually every device you use. No matter what you choose, our solutions are scalable, affordable and easy to use.

LifeSize Cloud Video Conferencing is ideal if you…

  • Want a fast, easy, on-the-go solution with the convenience of a subscription?
  • Prefer not to manage or pay for on-premises video conferencing infrastructure or equipment?
  • Lack a budget to invest in infrastructure and an IT team?

LifeSize On-Premises Video Conferencing is ideal if you…

  • Want flexibility and control that’s customizable for IT to deploy and manage in your network?
  • Want to manage your video conferencing solution?
  • Have a budget to invest in infrastructure and an IT team?


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