February 10, 2014

Virtualization: use software innovation to get the most out of your hardware

Most businesses today only use a fraction of their server hardware capacity, and this is even more so as servers become increasingly powerful. That’s why many businesses are turning to virtualization. Virtualization enables you to add more applications to the same server, helping to get the most out of your hardware investment and reduce related costs, like IT maintenance and power bills.

We’ve seen other customers reduce the size of their physical infrastructure by 50% and more (source: OTRUM case study). One customer reduced IT costs by 30 percent during a period when their business grew 30 percent (EmpireCLS case study).

And this is just one small part of what virtualization can do. Once you virtualize, you are set for future growth, and you have taken the first step in the path to the cloud. It makes it dramatically faster and easier to move the contents of your server to new hardware—whether on-site or in the cloud—and to maximize your existing server(s) as you grow. Also, virtualizing your servers sets you up to benefit from virtualization-related cost savings in other areas of IT like your network and storage.

Virtualization is enabled through software innovation, allowing you to take advantage of the powerful hardware being produced today. This is the new normal in IT, and Microsoft doesn’t believe you should have to pay more for this. So with Windows Server 2012, it’s built-in.

For example, VMware charges $500 for vSphere Essentials, and it lacks key capabilities that help reduce system downtime.

Windows Server 2012 offers this functionality built-in, at no extra cost. Why would you pay $500 to VMware for less functionality?

Source for vSphere Essentials features and pricing : VM Ware

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