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The work spaces we have come accustomed to are transforming into a blend of both private workplaces and public areas. This transition necessitates the need for mobile flexibility for your business. The ability to work from any location is more important than ever, and today’s workforce expect to participate fully in any location. Learn how TDNYC can set up your remote New Jersey office today.


The most important factor in any communications technology is clarity. Audio quality must be so clear, the other party needs to sound like they are there in the room with you. TDNYC’s HD Voice Technology delivers life-like conversations with double the clarity than ordinary phone calls. The difference is so astounding, you will never consider going back to traditional calling again. Click here to learn more about our VOIP services in New Jersey.


Experience the latest technology from TDNYC and replace your old phones. With exceptional audio quality and built-in flexibility, help your teams move even faster. Make collaboration effortless with our open standards approach to desk phones, which delivers best-of-breed results. Get a first-class phone experience with enterprise-grade video, audio, and applications support with robust interoperability.

Cloud Call Center

Our Dynamic Enterprise Voice solution offers a commanding third party CRM integration, including SalesForce and many more. This partnership is the perfect foundation to help power your New Jersey cloud based call center needs.

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After over 35 years, we have come out as a leading provider of dynamic business technology solutions; anywhere from small companies with a few employees, large corporations, and to government agencies. No two customers have the same needs, and no two solutions are ever the same; thus we offer a concierge level approach for every solution and customer. Our mission is to empower every single client with unparalleled communication solutions.

We have accomplished this because we don’t shy away from change and evolution, we embrace it. We have done so for the past 35 years and we will continue to do so for the next 35 to come. This is one reason why TDNYC always rests on the tip of technological advances that gives you the edge you need in your industry

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