August 8, 2016

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Although “GenMobile” may sound like a label for the younger generation born after millennials, the truth is that there are mobile employees in every age bracket.

As the scope of technology grows, professionals are finding new ways to work when and how they wish. The flexibility to work from one or more mobile devices increases productivity, and most mobile employees report that the added freedom to work on their own terms makes them much happier to work each day.

How Is GenMobile Good for Business?

Younger professionals continue to favor freedom in their working environments over competitive salaries and benefits packages. The modern workforce has seen a boom in the number of independent contractors working from home and abroad, connecting to clients and employers with one or more mobile devices. While GenMobile certainly creates new issues for IT departments, the return on investing in mobile functionality and allowing employees to work from anywhere is well worth it.

Most mobile employees use at least two internet-connected mobile devices to work. Obviously, business owners want their buildings to have fast and reliable Wi-Fi access. However, the number of connected devices per user directly increases the risk of a data breach. More pathways to a company’s data mean a greater chance of someone following one and compromising the security of the company’s information. Shadow IT is another issue. IT departments can’t help users who are using unapproved applications or software to do their work.

Minimizing the Risks

mobile risksWhile GenMobile contributes mightily to the modern flexible workplace culture, coordination, education, and clear mobile policies are crucial if you want your business to get the most out of mobile employees. Ensure that your employees know which devices they can use and that they understand the proper security practices for those devices.

If you can address security concerns and create a culture that makes the most of mobile without leaving the company open to data breaches, business owners stand to benefit significantly from GenMobile. Employee retention skyrockets when people are happy to go to work, and GenMobile means that for many younger employees, “going to work” means opening a laptop on their couch or responding to emails while lounging outside in the sun.

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