December 30, 2013

If you’re moving your office, and you don’t have Tele-Dynamics Cloud PBX Hosted VoIP Solution, now might be a great time to switch. Consider the many great advantages of what the Internet brings to communications:

  • You can add phones without costly equipment
  • Tele-Dynamics can do most system changes remotely
  • Maintenance is included in one monthly fee
  • Office voicemails can appear on your Smart Phone, Tablet, PC and in your Email Inbox


And if you’re concerned about making a change in your communications system and moving at the same time, don’t be.
We help our clients move every day, and can make it easy, seamless, and stress-free.

 We’ll help you navigate building management requirements, manage circuit installation lead times, and coordinate with other vendors.

In fact, while you’re doing your business, we’ll be:

  • Determining the most appropriate network and cabling configuration for the new office
  • Ensuring efficient re-installation of all PCs, printers, servers and business phone systems
  • Testing all systems on your network
  • Monitoring your network for vulnerabilities.

So if you’re moving your office, call on us to make the process a piece of cake. Whether you’re changing your communications system at the same time-or not-we’ll make sure your communication systems are up and running on your move date.

Discover how much your business can save by hosting your PBX phone system in the cloud. Tele-Dynamics offers high-quality, Enterprise Class, VoIP phone system solutions for less than traditional on premise PBX Systems. Tele-Dynamics is one of the few telecommunication companies located in NYC that has senior-level technicians with expertise in the Business Class VoIP & Cloud Based IP PBX Systems.

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