November 1, 2018

Hosted business phone systems, or hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions, are a popular choice for many businesses today.

Hosted phone systems let businesses enjoy lower costs, greater company efficiency, and a wider global reach – all with relatively easy integration and deployment. To get the most from your VoIP system, be sure to integrate your solution with the following eight elements.

CRM Software

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is critical to successful VoIP integration. You can use existing CRM software or purchase a new system, but make sure you have one that manages sales, finds new growth opportunities, and keeps a record of customer call data.

Cloud Backup Capabilities

The cloud and VoIP work seamlessly together to bring businesses the best in Internet-based telecommunication. Opting for cloud backup features with your provider ensures you don’t lose any vital information in the event of a power outage. Cloud backup features will automatically copy and store your VoIP information and keep it secure.

Recruitment Software

You aren’t making the most of your VoIP solutions without integrating human resources and recruitment software. Your HR department can run more efficiently, using VoIP to track applicants, search for information on prospective hires, and conduct interviews.

Project Management Software

Faster, easier communication lends itself to effective project management – but only if you integrate the appropriate software alongside your VoIP system. Project management software allows you to streamline your office, improve efficiency, and record and transmit data to new participants.

Bookkeeping Software

Keeping track of your accounting transactions during VoIP communication allows your business to manage and control all financial transactions from various mobile devices, updating your books in real time and sending reminders to unpaid customers.

Microsoft Outlook

Combining your email system with your VoIP solution opens the doors for more efficient communication. You can set your VoIP system up with a voicemail to email feature, and access your Outlook contact information immediately through your phone network.

Virtual Private Network

Don’t hesitate to switch to VoIP because of security concerns. You can minimize security risks by encrypting all audio files within a virtual private network (VPN). Your router will then send the files through a secure channel so you never have to worry about information leaks or hacks.

With these eight valuable integrations, your VoIP system will truly be an asset to your company. You won’t just benefit from typical VoIP advantages – you’ll enjoy optimal efficiency and guarantee a return on your investment.

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