May 28, 2014

TDNYC is a Hubbell Certified

Tele-Dynamics is a Hubbell Premise Wiring Certified Installer. We are a leading designer of Telecommunications Infrastructure & Data Centers for over 35 years. Designing voice infrastructure data networks is our strength. Tele-Dynamics is one of the few NYC telecom companies that has senior-level expertise in the LANS & WAN circuit industry. Whether fiber or copper, Tele-Dynamics offers high-level expertise in systems design and cabling. We are Mission Critical certified by Hubbell Premise Wiring hence we are one of the leading cable installers in the metro area.

What is the Hubbell MISSION CRITICAL® program?

The Hubbell’s MISSION CRITICAL® program gives you assurance of system success due to a 25-year guarantee on  components, performance, and installation therefore guaranteeing the overall integrity of your structured cabling system.

What is Data Infrastructure Technology?

A data infrastructure is a digital infrastructure that promotes data sharing and consumption. As a result it is similar to other infrastructures. It is essential to the operation of our modern society. Most notably it delivers the services and facilities necessary for our economy to continue to function, the data economy in this case.

The benefits of Hubbell solutions

First of all, Hubbell solutions are a fully integrated system of copper and fiberoptic network cabling. The components exceed all applicable standards for performance and reliability. Furthermore the cabling infrastructure allows for complete end-to-end systems that use Hubbell’s connectivity and cable. one may also use an open architecture solution while utilizing Hubbell’s connectivity and cable from a qualified partners such as Tele-Dynamics. Either option delivers all the benefits that component-level performance available to end users, designers and specifiers. Hubbell’s cabling systems provide the confidence of third party component performance verification, along with a full 25-Year MISSION CRITICAL® System Warranty. Additionally, future performance is also engineered into Hubbell’s UTP cabling systems due to the speed of innovation in technology solutions. This includes PoE+ capability which assures long term operation with emerging applications.

 Get started with Hubbell solutions now

You can contact Tele-Dynamics today to find out how we can help you get our Certified Premise Wiring Cable Installers on your project because we are fully certified. Call our offices at: 212.413.8100

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